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My practice employs body extension, video portraiture, robotics/electronics, and augmented drag performance. Across this hybrid body of work I am exploring issues in identity and gender politics as well as abject theory.
The point of departure for my work in body-extension performance emerges from a fascination with superheroes, alter-egos and role-play. My current work is focused on drag performance and passionate about generating alter-egos for gender bending and blending. At the same time I began to develop and integrate, in and around my “drag” performance, the interest in both electronic and non-electronic body extensions and performance that I had developed or conceptualized in Toronto.
My long term academic and professional goals includes studio community-based initiatives, working in a technology-based industry in the design and development of wearable pieces, and, to network with local live performance and drag/burlesque artists within Montreal.

© Iqrar Rizvi. All Rights Reserved.

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